MPS Global Security Group offers a personal accompaniment service for minors or vulnerable persons otherwise travelling alone. Regardless of their destination, we ensure they arrive safely and on time, and act as your first port of call in the event of plan changes or emergencies.

MPS Global Security Group understand that from time to time circumstances can arise whereby you feel unsafe or at personal risk, we are available to help with any situation. In the event of any such situation, we are able to provide a very personal security service for those who have concerns about their personal safety or the safety of their family or close associates or who wish to minimise the stress that is typically associated with the arrival at airports, or other points of entry into a country.

The service we provide extends both to and from airports to provide individual protection for those who feel their personal circumstances require it. Constantly alert to potentially threatening situations, we are also able to offer a planning and research service in order to identify and avoid possible hazardous situations. Closely protected by our highly trained professional staff, you are free to go about your life without the worry of potential threats to your safety and wellbeing.

A senior member of MPS Global Security Group  staff will always be available to discuss with a client the perceived level of threat and to provide a security package tailored to reflect the client’s concerns and ensure their safety and security.

Anything of value such as gold or diamonds, which typically would be shipped through an overnight courier, can be managed and shipped with the peace of mind that the goods will arrive safely and without issue through MPS Global Security Group. The average gold bar weighs almost 14 kilograms and, with a minimum $500 shipping charge PER bar through FedEx or UPS, not to mention a few thousand dollars for insuring the goods for the short term trip gold transit can easily become a very expensive exercise. Gold imports have long been heavily controlled by most national governments in order to prevent hoarding and the covert funding of illegal activities.